Recently Added Companies

Runic Sounds
2+ people game audio company in Utrecht

Associated Games: Death Stranding, Teddy Terror, Jelly Jellies

14 people serious games studio in Eindhoven

Games: Asgaard Saga, Pillo

Sparkling Society Games
26 people self-publishing developer in Delft

Buckethead Entertainment
4 people game development studio in Haren

Games: Rope Raid, Combat Tested

Second Maze
2 people game publisher in Amsterdam

Wessel Stoop
Game developer in Nijmegen

Games: The Sapling

2 people game audio company in Utrecht

Associated Games: Rekt!

Tomas Sala
Solo game developer in Lijnden

Games: The Falconeer

A Bunch of Hacks
2 people game development cooperative in Amsterdam

Ember Glitch
6 people game development studio in Utrecht

Robin Keijzer
Freelance artist & game developer in Breda

Games and Associated Games: Space Rescue: Code Pink, Awesomenauts, Fairytale Fights, PomPom Party, Xyanide Resurrection

Recently Added Games

A pillow as game console by Hulan

Asgaard Saga
A motivational game to improve reading by Hulan

A fast, uniquely controlled action game by Roofkat


The White Door
A point-and-click adventure game by Rusty Lake


The Falconeer
A fantasy air combat game by Tomas Sala


The Sapling
An evolution simulation by Wessel Stoop