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Yellowcake Games
Game development studio

A small independant Dutch game company based in Utrecht. We make stylized small and accessible games for consoles first and desktops second. Our games are focussed on the fun - the pick up and play ideals are part of the core, dressed with a crisp graphical look capable of pleasing the eye and running on our targeted machines. Furthermore, we provide services to third-party projects, including those with non-entertainment purposes. Our specialisations range from coding, design to art and we offer these as services to others, in addition to our own in-house productions.

Games developed:Dashing Dodgems
Stay Safe: Labyrinth of the Mad
Employee count:2
Company location:Utrecht
Founding year:2017
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Keywords:indie, utrecht, dashing dodgems, entertainment games, development, console, desktop, work for hire

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Dashing Dodgems
A bumpercar battle arena party game