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The games' release dates are obtained from the entries in the directory. All other events and deadlines rely on community contributions: add a new event or deadline.

Upcoming events in the calendar:

April (this month)

Apr. 24: Everything Procedural Conference
Apr. 24: Interactive Narrative Design Montly
Apr. 25: HAVOCADO Release


May 1: Dutch Game Garden Network Lunch
May 1: Dutch Courage Monthly
May 5: Deadline: INDIGOx Showcase Submission
May 8: Deadline: Digitale Cultuur Subsidieaanvraag
May 22: Games [4Diversity] Café
May 29: Interactive Narrative Design Montly


Jun. 1: Games [4Diversity] boat at Utrecht Canal Pride
Jun. 5: Dutch Courage Monthly
Jun. 5: Dutch Game Garden Network Lunch
Jun. 19: Games [4Diversity] Café
Jun. 21–Jun. 23: GameDev.World 2019
Jun. 26: Interactive Narrative Design Monthly
Jun. 27–Jun. 28: HKU Games and Interaction Exposure
Jun. 28: INDIGOx


Jul. 3: Dutch Game Garden Network Lunch
Jul. 3: Dutch Courage Monthly
Jul. 5: Programming Meetup by Game Bakery
Jul. 24: Games [4Diversity] Café
Jul. 31: TerraGardens Release


Aug. 6: Age of Wonders: Planetfall Release
Aug. 7: Dutch Courage Monthly
Aug. 7: Deadline: Digitale Cultuur Subsidieaanvraag
Aug. 7: Dutch Game Garden Network Lunch


Sep. 4: Dutch Courage Monthly
Sep. 4: Dutch Game Garden Network Lunch
Sep. 6: Community Building Meetup by Game Bakery


Oct. 2: Dutch Courage Monthly
Oct. 2: Dutch Game Garden Network Lunch
Oct. 9: Deadline: Digitale Cultuur Subsidieaanvraag


Nov. 6: Dutch Courage Monthly
Nov. 6: Dutch Game Garden Network Lunch


Dec. 4: Dutch Courage Monthly
Dec. 4: Dutch Game Garden Network Lunch