Suggest a new company:

The unique id of the company, to be used in links and such. Alphanumeric characters and hyphens (-) only; no spaces or special characters.
Examples: codeglue or little-chicken or m2h

The name of the company.
Example: Codeglue

An extremely short (5 words maximum) description of the company. Include what it is at the end (eg. 'company') so it can be used in a sentence like 'Codeglue is a Game development studio that ...'.
Examples: Game development studio or Game publisher or Game designer

A more elaborate description of the company.
Example: A small independent Dutch game studio that creates games with a focus on pure simple and original gameplay. We develop our games for the latest generation of consoles, PC, smartphones and VR.

A comma-separated list of words someone may search for hoping to find this company. Note that you don't need to add the company's name, genre, and description here, as those are already taken into account when someone searches the directory.
Examples: indie, experimental or PR, support

The company's logo. Must be .png, .jpg or .svg, under 2MB, and smaller than 2000px in width or height. Recommended: square aspect ratio, bigger than 200px in both width and height.

An optional hexadecimal color for when the image has transparency and requires a background color to be clearly visible. Leave empty if the image works well on a light background color.
Example: #33BEFF

The average amount of people the company employs. Include part-timers and interns, exclude freelancers and other contributors.
Examples: 1 or 15+ or 42

The city where the company is located.
Examples: Amsterdam or Utrecht or Groningen

The URL to the company's official website starting with http:// or https://.

The year the company was founded.
Example: 2009

The (optional) year the company was disbanded.
Example: 2015

Games are added when this company is referenced as the developer or a contributor on a game. To add a game, finish submitting this company and add the game to the directory separately, with this company as its developer or contributor.

A comma-separated list of games not made in the Netherlands. Games that are made by a Dutch company or made mostly in the Netherlands should not be added here, and should instead be added as entries to the directory.
Example: Tomb Raider 1, Tomb Raider 2

The company email addresss for questions or business inquiries that will be shown publicly on the company's page in this directory. To avoid spambots crawling the directory, this email address will always be 'hidden' behind a reCAPTCHA. One email will be sent to the email address to confirm that this company was added to the directory. In the future, a moderator of the directory may send at most one email per year to verify whether the data is still up to date.

(You can still edit the entry after submitting.)