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Dutch Game Studio
Game development studio

Dutch Game Studio creates games for clients in various industries. Our main focus is to create fun & helpful games. Like for instance advertisement games to help companies to drive more sales (Advergames) or educational games to educate users in a fun and creative way (Serious Games). We use the most innovative technologies and always look at what is the best fit to see the best results!

Associated games:The Crew 2 (Co-Development)
Bop a minion (AdverGame)
Coca Cola (AdverGame)
JBL (AdverGame)
Employee count:25
Company location:Woerden
Founding year:2013
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Keywords:AR, VR, Advergames, E-Learning, Mobile, Entertainment, Dutch, Engagement, Applied Games, serious games, educational games, work for hire, development, b2b, Web3, Blockchain, developer, Co-developlment, MetaVerse, Web Games, html5, casual

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