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Living Story
Game based learning studio

Living Story is a creative company and one of the oldest serious game studios in the Netherlands. Based on 18 years of experience, we design, manage and produce your Game-Based Learning solutions from start to finish.

In 2022 we launched our book 'Play Works'. In this book you will find everything you need about game-based learning: a concrete step-by-step plan, inspiring examples and the theories and models to support your design. The book shows you how to easily apply game-based learning. In a complete training, a training program or in a single work form. For more fun, more interaction and more motivation. It has been awarded with the prestige title 'Management book of the year 2023' in the Netherlands.

Employee count:5
Company location:Baarn
Founding year:2004
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Keywords:serious games, training games, educational games, development, game designer, game design, game based learning, indie

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