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Artking studio
Quality outsourced art studio

Associated Games: Tomb Raider, Champions of Anteria, Hard West, Transport fever, Diluvion, Wind Tales, Milanoir, +6 more

Ferran Bertomeu Castells
Game developer, Game designer

Games and Associated Games: Off-Score Project, Forget the Brakes!, Found

Natalia Patkiewicz
Game artist

Associated Games: Snarkhunter

Phure Studios
Games Development Studio

Associated Games: CatSpin, Chefs Attack, Wakey Wakey Penguin, Goro Goro Hero

Serious Games Studio

Music & Sound Design

Associated Games: Tovertafel UP, Tovertafel Original, DEEP, KLM Jets, Swartzshield, Devolver Super Game Jam, Lingo, +3 more

Dylan Nagel
Game designer, developer, producer

Associated Games: Marooners, DuckWorld Smart Adventures, Dwarf Quest

Mobile Games Company

Alterego Games
Game development studio

Games: Woven

Menno Stas
Illustrator & game developer

Charlotte Madelon
Game designer

Game Oven (Closed)
Game development studio

Games: Bounden, Fingle

Sokpop Collective
Game development collective

Games: Simmiland

Paladin Studios
Game development studio

Games: My Tamagotchi Forever, Stormbound

Game development studio with research

Adriaan de Jongh
Game designer

Games and Associated Games: Hidden Folks, Bounden, Fingle

game design studio

Games: Chalo Chalo, ibb & obb

Save & Sound
Game Audio and Music Company

Associated Games: Tannenberg

Spaghetti Games
Indie Game development studio

Games: TerraGardens

Rengin Tumer - Illustration & Concept Design
game artist and visual developer

Sound and music freelancer

Associated Games: TerraGardens, Bird Game, Arelite Core, Aldarix the Battlemage

Self Made Miracle (Closed)
Game Development Studio

Games: Penarium

Serious games and gamification studio

Games: Rabo PinPin

Yellowcake Games
Game development studio

Game and design development


Gazingi Interactive
Mobile game developer and publisher

Games: Folded Flyer

Game development company

Games: Horizon Zero Dawn

Speelbaars (Closed)
Game development studio

Games: Lumini

Grendel Games
Serious game development company

Games: Underground

Ronimo Games
Game development studio

Games and Associated Games: Swords & Soldiers 2, Awesomenauts, Swords & Soldiers, De Blob, De Blob 2

Development studio Game technology

Critical Bit
Game development studio

Games: Reign of Bullets

Pillar Games
Applied game design & development company

Game-designer and developer

Experimental game development studio

Games: Remembering, DEEP

Game company

Games: HackShield

Lost Again
Game development studio