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Adriaan de Jongh
Game designer

Adriaan is an independent game designer and active member of the Dutch game industry community. He has made many award-winning games, including the very successful black and white searching game Hidden Folks and more experimental games such as Bounden and Fingle. He is currently working on a headphone party game called Secret Shuffle.

Adriaan is board member of the Dutch Games Association, co-organiser of the Dutch game project funding source Midgame Fund, maker of the game developer agreement generator contract( ), organiser of the playtest event for Dutch game designers named playdev.club, and maker and moderator of this directory.

Games developed:Hidden Folks
Contributed to:Bam fu
Employee count:1
Company location:Amsterdam
Founding year:2015
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Keywords:entertainment games, development, developer, game design, game designer, producer, support, community, funding, business, events, premium games, unity, experimental, indie, b2c

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Hidden Folks
A black and white searching game

A word puzzle game

Bam fu
A chaotic local multiplayer game

A mobile ballet dancing game

An awkward finger-rubbing game