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Secret Shuffle
Silent disco-like party game

Secret Shuffle is a music party game for 4 — 60 players who are all in the same room wearing headphones. The app synchronizes the music so you can play one of 10 game modes together. For example, in the game mode Pairs, you try to find the one other player dancing to the same music, while in Fakers, you try to catch the players who don't hear any music but act like they do.

Developer:Adriaan de Jongh
Contributors:Sim Kaart (illustrator)
Yero Pharaoh (sound designer)
Sandy Seifert (creative producer)
Gilles van Leeuwen (filmmaker)
Trailer:link (youtube)
Releases:Aug 17th, 2022 - Soft launch
Dec 8th, 2022 - Game release
Keywords:entertainment, indie, multiplayer, local, party, physical, free to play, dance

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Adriaan de Jongh
Game designer