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Leon van Oldenborgh
New Media Artist & Game Designer

Leon van Oldenborgh works both within the New Media Art space and the Games Industry. He creates physical and digital interactive experiences that playfully encourage users to reflect on their routine interactions with technology, each other or their surroundings. He uses his background in Game & Interaction design to construct his experiences in a way that simulate, and draw parallels to, the ways in which designed systems we use every day influence our way of living. His work is mostly published on mobile or as a physical installation, sometimes accessible for everyone, sometimes only at exhibitions. He has exhibited at places like Ars Electronica, IMPAKT and V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media.

Games developed:GO: Offline
Employee count:1
Company location:Utrecht
Founding year:2022
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Keywords:applied games, game designer, game design, freelance, installations, experimental, indie, artist, art

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GO: Offline
An offline location based ar game