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Studio Bleep
Serious game development studio

Ranja72. Video game writer
Games writer and narrative designer

Game developer

Spreadable Fruit Games
Game development studio

Games: Warmth, S.U.B.

Resistance Studio
Game development studio

Games: Pushy and Pully in Blockland

Rengin Tumer - Illustration & Concept Design
game artist and visual developer

Art Director, Game artist

Associated Games: Lake

Ember Glitch
Game development studio

Natalia Patkiewicz
Game artist

Associated Games: Snarkhunter

Menno Stas
Illustrator & game developer

Yellowcake Games
Game development studio

Associated Games: Dashing Dodgems

Charlotte Madelon
Game designer

Eendhoorn Games
Game development studio

Games: SpiritSphere DX

Game development studio with research

Experimental game development studio

Games: Remembering, DEEP

Game development studio

Arcane Circus
Game Development Studio

Games: Crap! I'm Broke: Out of Pocket

Staggart Creations
Game asset developer

Associated Games: Lake

Studio Deloryan
Game development studio

Games: Horse Reality

GainPlay Studio
Serious games studio

Associated Games: MindLight, Daydream, Digest Inn

Peter Klijn Art
Game Artist

Game development studio

Games: Unexplored, Sumico

Artking studio
Quality outsourced art studio

Associated Games: Tomb Raider, Champions of Anteria, Hard West, Transport fever, Diluvion, Wind Tales, Milanoir, +6 more

Two Tribes
Game developer and publisher

Games: RIVE, Toki Tori 2+, Toki Tori

Robin Keijzer
Freelance artist & game developer

Games and Associated Games: Space Rescue: Code Pink, Awesomenauts, Fairytale Fights, PomPom Party, Xyanide Resurrection