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Galaxy Grove
Game development studio

Galaxy Grove is new game studio in Utrecht, Netherlands, specialising in high quality 3D management and building games (entertainment games, not applied/serious games). Our games have a strong atmosphere, striking art and unique, intuitive gameplay. We plan to release our first game in 2023.

Galaxy Grove is founded and led by award winning game industry veteran Joost van Dongen (Awesomenauts, Swords & Soldiers, Blightbound, Robo Maestro, Proun, Cello Fortress, De Blob).

Games developed:Station to Station
Employee count:12
Company location:Utrecht
Founding year:2022
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Keywords:entertainment games, development, developer, game design, art, 3d, procedural generation, desktop, console, premium games, unreal, startup, b2c, internship, jobs

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Station to Station
A building and management game