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Synthetic voices tool for games

Leverage readspeaker.ai's dynamic text to speech (TTS) plugin for:
- Increased accessibility by making Audio Descriptions and i.e. UI narrations possible.
- Add synthetic (TTS) voices to your games to voice-enable characters.
- A tool to prototype voice lines for dialog flow playtesting.
- Have a tool to generate voice lines dynamically at runtime for scalability. (i.e. for procedurally generated game content)

Try it out for free here: https://www.readspeaker.ai/unity-unreal-game-engine-plugin-free-trial/

Associated games:Acolyte
Stories of Blossom
Employee count:200+
Company location:Driebergen-Rijsenburg
Founding year:1999
Email address:Show email address...
Keywords:sound, game design, procedural generation, ui, unity, unreal, assets

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