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Alterego Games
Game development studio

Games for the after work-gamer
Since 2014, Alterego Games has been delivering experiences to the busy gamer that wants to wind down for the evening or weekend. We want to give players a digital alter ego, someone else to be. Alterego Games is an indie team that develops cinematic games perfect for losing yourself in. Our games focus on ambience, mystery and story. We are the creators of the thrilling Bloodstreet 13 and the mysterious Woven.

We have lots of stories to tell and are excited to be working on our latest title, the psychological horror adventure: Sanity of Morris.
A game about a young man in search of his father, trying to stay sane in face of all the odds.

The studio has developed and published for all major platforms, including Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One!

Games for Companies
The team brings the same enthusiasm when it comes to working with companies that wish for a custom-made game or digital experience.
We’ve done VR, AR, Sports, Simulation, Training, multiplayer-touchscreen games and are used to develop for all kinds of hardware, sometimes working as the extension of our clients own development team.
Creating vivid and engaging experiences for these companies provides us with the chance to combine their wishes and goals with our creativity and skillset, bringing 6 years of game development and design to the table.

Games developed:Woven
Employee count:8
Company location:Zeist
Founding year:2014
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Keywords:work for hire, indie, entertainment games, serious games, applied games, developer

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