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Triangle Studios
Game development studio

Game development at its best! We’ve got over a decade experience in game development, game publishing, community management, distribution and marketing! Whether you need a full game, a working prototype or port to a popular platform, we’re able to facilitate to your needs!

Games developed:From Space
Fruit Friends
Mickey Storm and the Cursed Mask
Slide Stars
Contributed to:Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike
Associated games:Pocket Cowboys
Employee count:20
Company location:Leeuwarden
Founding year:2006
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Keywords:PC, Console, Mobile, Multi-platform, work for hire, development, community, marketing, porting, entertainment games, service, support, freelance, integration

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From Space
A squad-based multiplayer action game

Fruit Friends
A casual game

Slide Stars
A platformer

Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike
A rogue-like strategy rpg