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Chris Kuijten
Music Composer

I am Chris Kuijten from the Netherlands. Since I came into contact with the Commodore 64 and many subsequent systems, I have become attached to the world of video games. In the past decades, besides pure passion, it has inspired me enormously on a personal and professional level. It brought me emotion, social connection, creative inspiration, escape, and wonder! For many years now, as a composer & sound designer for all kinds of platforms, I want to bring those experiences that I have been able to experience even more through tailor-made music to every brave game & studio, large and small, that deserves the right emotional impact through music!

My style as a composer is broad in terms of possibilities and I am very agile towards the desired results. From electronic violence to intimate compositions. A crossover of organic sounds with crisp melodies. My goal is to "puzzle" until that ultimate click is created between story/scene and music. We must all fall in love!

Let's meet! Let's Create together!

Employee count:1
Company location:Dreumel
Founding year:2010
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Keywords:music, creative, muziek, orginal music composition, chris kuijten, games, game assets, music production, soundscapes

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