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Game Hosting Company

Servers & Network for Gamers, by Gamers.

Lag during gaming sucks! We knew that back in 2002 and today we're serving both small & big gaming studios such as EA, Activision, Splash Damage and THQ with our gaming-optimized hardware and network.

*Gaming-optimized Network*
Our ultra-low latency network is the #16th most connected network in the world and is optimized to deliver the lowest latency. With 23+Tbps Network Capacity and 100Gbit lines spanning the globe, we make sure your players have the lowest latency possible.

Our network has ranked 2nd most peered network globally, which means minimum latency and jitter as well as enhanced data transmission speeds for game studios and publishers.

*Servers Near Your Players*
We strategically handpick all our PoP locations with the main goal of minimizing latency. You can easily pick from 60+ PoP locations, spread over 6 continents, even in exotic and less connected regions. Have your servers close to your gamers, even in the less connected regions.

Curious what we can do for you? Drop us a line at www.i3d.net

Employee count:100+
Company location:Rotterdam
Founding year:2002
Email address:Show email address...
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