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Game Hosting Company

Servers & Network for Gamers, by Gamers.

Lag during gaming sucks! We knew that back in 2002 and today we're serving both small & big gaming studios such as EA, Activision, Splash Damage and THQ with our gaming-optimized hardware and network.

*Gaming-optimized Network*
Our ultra-low latency network is the #16th most connected network in the world and is optimized to deliver the lowest latency. With 22+Tbps Network Capacity and 100Gbit lines spanning the globe, we make sure your players have the lowest latency possible.

*Servers Near Your Players*
We strategically handpick all our PoP locations with the main goal of minimizing latency. You can easily pick from 45+ PoP locations, spread over 6 continents, even in exotic and less connected regions. Have your servers close to your gamers, even in the less connected regions.

Curious what we can do for you? Drop us a line at www.i3d.net

Employee count:100+
Company location:Rotterdam
Founding year:2002
Email address:Show email address...
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