Game development studio

GAMEDIA is a multiple award winning 'work for hire' game studio based in the Netherlands with a proven track record. Working mainly for Television , A-list brands, Entertainment companies and licence holders. We've created over 200+ games, apps and VR/AR experiences for mobile, PC, browsers and consoles. Our games and products reaching millions of people around the world and serving billions of gameplays.

Currently working on 8 new IP game titles for multiple platforms and are always looking for splendid partnerships and oppertunities.

Games developed:Een tegen 100
Messi Space Scooter Runner
Contributed to:Tannenberg
Employee count:8+
Company location:Alkmaar
Founding year:2007
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Keywords:work for hire, applied games, serious games, entertainment games, development, b2b, b2c, vr, ar

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Een tegen 100
A multiplayer social quiz game

A multiplayer ww1 fps

A multiplayer fps