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Game development studio

GAMEDIA is a multiple award winning game development studio with a proven track record (200+ games).

We’ve been active in the games industry since 1998, started at Lostboys (later became Guerrilla Games acquired by Sony Playstation) before we founded our own company in 2007.
The company is divided into two divisions (Entertainment Games & Licenced Media Games) with each of them having a different expertise and focus.

We create high quality entertainment titles for mobile, pc and console (current & next-gen), both single and multiplayer. We mainly do full development and provide multiple services after the game is live (hosting, support, live-ops). Besides doing ‘work for hire’ we also create our own F2P and Premium titles for multiple platforms.

We work closely with some of the biggest television formats, A-list brands and superstars influencers reaching millions of people around the world.
Therefor our clients demand the highest possible quality in the shortest amount of time and need solutions where failure is not an option.

Some samples of our work:
Verdun, Tannenberg, Lional Messi, 1 vs 100, Deal or no Deal, Britisch Bakeoff, Beyonds Sports, Hix (tba), Treasure temples (tba), Project Spiders (tba)

Games developed:Een tegen 100
HIX: Puzzle Islands
Messi Space Scooter Runner
Contributed to:Tannenberg
Employee count:8+
Company location:Alkmaar
Founding year:2007
Email address:Show email address...
Keywords:entertainment games, development, porting, 3d, mobile, desktop, console, multiplayer, unity, vr, virtual reality, indie, AAA, b2b, b2c, work for hire, f2p games, premium games, developer, ports, xbox, playstation, android, ios, licenced, nintendo, switch, backend, amazon, photon, bolt

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Een tegen 100
A multiplayer social quiz game

HIX: Puzzle Islands
A casual logic connect puzzle

A multiplayer ww1 fps

A multiplayer fps