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Incubator, Accelerator, Publisher, testing ground

Indietopia is a game development hub in the Netherlands, sporting over 25 game development studios and related companies. Indietopia gears towards the following goals: connecting indies, helping indies grow from startup to professional studio, creating visibility under the Indietopia label, providing affordable office space for developers, acting as a professional agent for serious game customers and publishing of entertainment & serious games. At Protopia - powered by Fablab, located at the Indietopia HQ, one can make prototypes using 3D-printers, laser cutters etc. and rent a professional audio / visual studio with a green screen.

Contributed to:Pilot Perils
Employee count:7
Company location:Groningen
Founding year:2014
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Keywords:indie, hub, incubator, publisher, accelerator, groningen, startup, entertainment games, serious games, applied games, community, organiser, events, testing ground, fablab, prototyping, professional studio, flex office space, studio rental, office space rental

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Pilot Perils
A 2d physics adventure platformer game