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Game development studio

→ City: Alkmaar

Games and Associated Games: Tannenberg, Messi Space Scooter Runner, Verdun, Een tegen 100

Zakaria Marghich
Game artist

→ City: Amsterdam

Serious Games Studio

→ City: Amsterdam

A Bunch of Hacks
Game development cooperative

→ City: Amsterdam

Games: Epicinium

Aryeh Loeb
Producer, Product Manager, Program Manager

→ City: Amsterdam

Associated Games: Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Killzone Shadowfall, Horizon Zero Dawn, Turmoil, Lines, iO, +1 more

Little Chicken Game Company
Game development studio

→ City: Amsterdam

Games: Blaze Revolutions, Rescue Wings, Track Lab, Rekt!, Traffic Jams

Game company

→ City: Amsterdam

Games: HackShield

Michiel Nijhof
Game music and sound designer

→ City: Arnhem

Robin Keijzer
Freelance artist & game developer

→ City: Breda

Games and Associated Games: Space Rescue: Code Pink, Awesomenauts, Fairytale Fights, PomPom Party, Xyanide Resurrection

Serious game studio

→ City: Den Bosch

Paladin Studios
Game development studio

→ City: Den Haag

Games: Good Job!, My Tamagotchi Forever, Stormbound

Engine Software
Independent game development studio

→ City: Doetinchem

Associated Games: Monopoly, RISK, Into the Breach, Terraria, Oceanhorn, Earthlock, Blossom Tales, +15 more

UE4 VFX/Shader specialist

→ City: Dordrecht

Associated Games: Rad Rodgers

Ludens Labs
Data consultant and toolbuilder

→ City: Haarlem

One Upped Games
Game Developer

→ City: Haarlem

Target Gamers BV
Mobile growth consultant

→ City: Haarlem

Associated Games: MMX Racing, Ruzzle, Runescape, Plunder Pirates, World of Tanks Blitz, Avakin Life, Legacy of the Beast, +16 more

Triangle Studios
Game development studio

→ City: Leeuwarden

Associated Games: Uphill Rush, Pocket Cowboys, Cross of the Dutchman, It came from space and ate our brains

Critical Bit
Game development studio

→ City: Leeuwarden

Games: Reign of Bullets

Seductive Lemon
Game developer

→ City: Leiden

Skyburn Games
Freelance game developer

→ City: Rijssen

Games: Stay Together

Game development studio

→ City: Rotterdam

Games and Associated Games: Descenders, Action Henk, Castaway Paradise, ibb & obb, Rocket Riot, Terraria, The Escapists 2, +3 more

Game & app development studio

→ City: Rotterdam

Games: A.L.I.B.I., Vil Du?!

Music & Sound Design

→ City: Utrecht

Associated Games: Tovertafel UP, Tovertafel Original, DEEP, Lake, TinyRPG, Dashing Dodgems, In My Absence, +17 more

Vincent van Geel
Game Producer & Creative Director

→ City: Utrecht

Kucheza B.V.
Applied game development studio

→ City: Utrecht

Music & Sound Design company

→ City: Utrecht

Associated Games: Blightbound, Remembering, Pet Lab, My Tamagotchi Forever, Track Lab, Coaster Combat, Stormbound, +13 more

Talespin Studios
Game development studio

→ City: Utrecht

Games: Rise of the TMNT: Power Up!, Rampage VR, Geostorm

Rockit: Playful Solutions
Applied game studio

→ City: Utrecht

Yellowcake Games
Game development studio

→ City: Utrecht

Associated Games: Dashing Dodgems

Nixxes Software
Game development studio

→ City: Utrecht

Associated Games: Tomb Raider (2013), Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Hitman: Absolution

Eva regelt
Freelance game producer

→ City: Utrecht

Associated Games: Horizon Zero Dawn, Turmoil, ibb & obb, Rocket Riot, Terraria mobile, Terraria 3DS

Natalia Patkiewicz
Game artist

→ City: Utrecht

Associated Games: Snarkhunter

Pillar Games
Applied game design & development company

→ City: Utrecht

Abstraction Games
Game development studio

→ City: Valkenswaard

Games and Associated Games: Verdun, Kick & Fennick, Toki Tori 2+, Gun Commando, Awesomenauts, 8-bit Adventure Anthology: Volume I, ARK: Aberration, +43 more

Dutch Game Studio
Game development studio

→ City: Woerden

Alterego Games
Game development studio

→ City: Zeist

Games: Woven