Dutch Game Industry Directory

Blue Giraffe Games (Closed)
Game development studio

Rengin Tumer - Illustration & Concept Design
game artist and visual developer

Indie game designer and developer

Studio Brain Muffin
Docu-game development studio

Saskia de Klerk
2D Game Artist

Story Giant Games
Game development studio

Studio Floris Kaayk
Speculative storytelling studio

Local Heroes Worldwide
Independent game localization company

Multiverse Narratives
Narrative Designer/Game Writer

Alterego Games
Game development studio

Ranja72. Video game writer
Games writer and narrative designer

Jedidjah Julia Noomen
writer/narrative designer/story director

Game development Studio

Living Story
Game based learning studio

Auris Media
One-Stop-Shop for Audio

Mobile Game Studio

Lost Again
Game development studio

Ghost in a Bottle
game development studio

Charlotte Madelon
Game designer

Music Composer for Games

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