Dutch Game Industry Directory

Stable Orbit
A space station management simulation game by Jim Offerman

Last release: Sep 27th, 2017
Platform: Desktop

A sci-fi vr throwing game by Hypersome Games

Last release: Feb 20th, 2020
Platform: VR or AR

After the Fall
A vr multiplayer shooter by Vertigo Games

Last release: Dec 9th, 2021
Platform: VR or AR

The Outbreak
A webbased strategy game by Westland Gaming

Last release: Apr 1st, 2021
Platform: Web

Curve Fever
A multiplayer survival snake game by Hidden Monster Games

Last release: Apr 10th, 2010
Platform: Web

Stay Safe: Labyrinth of the Mad
A roguelike game by Yellowcake Games

Last release: Aug 14th, 2021
Platforms: Desktop, Console

Joe Cable
A mobile endless runner game by Gazingy Interactive

Last release: Dec 27th, 2021
Platforms: Mobile, Web

Arizona Sunshine
A vr first-person shooter by Vertigo Games

Last release: Dec 6th, 2016
Platforms: Desktop, Console, VR or AR

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