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Joe Cable
Mobile Endless Runner Game

Meet Joe Cable, a clumsy power line technician… On one particular morning shift, Joe finds himself dangling on a power line after his ladder slips away! Joe was able to quickly wrap his belt around one of the power cords to avoid falling down. But it’s not long before he notices he’s making some speed by sliding down the mountain. Joe’s dangerous adventure has only just begun!

Joe Cable is an endless sliding game in which you try to hold on for as long as you can. Help Joe dodge incoming dangers in the sky, like birds, kites and tree branches. Collect bonus items and go for the highest score.

Developer:Gazingy Interactive
Contributor:Musicbyjonathan (Composer)
Releases:Dec 16th, 2010 - Game release
Dec 27th, 2021 - Major update
Platforms:Mobile, Web
Keywords:3d, singleplayer, arcade, free to play, f2p, retro, free, unity, freemium, procedural generation, entertainment, indie, platformer, survival, html5

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