Dutch Game Industry Directory

Celine Veltman
Solo game developer

game production studio for Twitch

Vincent van Geel
Game Producer & Creative Director

Paladin Studios (Closed)
Game development studio

Music Composer for Games

Spreadable Fruit Games
Game development studio

Game design studio

Wanted 5 Games B.V.
Game development studio and publisher

Rooibos Games
Unreal C++ Consultant

Game development and publishing company

Music & Sound Design company

Short Legs Art
Freelance Concept Artist & 2D Artist

Miomi Game Studio
Indie game development studio

Witan BV
Game production company

Enversed Studios
Virtual Reality development studio

Auris Media
One-Stop-Shop for Audio

Knucklehead Studios
VR Game Development Studio

Dylan Nagel
Game designer, developer, producer

Game development studio

The Sphere of Sound
Immersive Audio Production Studio

Hunchback Music
Sound Design Music Production Company

Yellow Riders
Applied game production company

Grendel Games
Serious game development company

Eva regelt (Closed)
Freelance game producer

Bart Delissen
Game Music Production Studio

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