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Communication skills training game company

→ Company size: 10+

Total Mayhem Games
Game development studio

→ Company size: 10

Games: We Were Here Together, We Were Here Too, We Were Here

Game Drive
Game marketing studio

→ Company size: 7+

Associated Games: We Were Here Together, Tannenberg, Pilot Perils, Swords & Soldiers 2, Verdun, Days of War, SYNTHETIK, +3 more

GainPlay Studio
Serious games studio

→ Company size: 4

Associated Games: MindLight, Daydream, Digest Inn

Gilles van Leeuwen
Video Content Producer

→ Company size: 1

Associated Games: Team Racing League, Lines, Bounden, Fingle, Curve Fever, Bam Fu, Interloper, +1 more

Control Magazine
Media company

→ Company size: 1

Aryeh Loeb
Producer, Product Manager, Program Manager

→ Company size: 1

Associated Games: Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Killzone Shadowfall, Horizon Zero Dawn, Turmoil, Lines, iO, +1 more

Ranja72. Video game writer
Games writer and narrative designer

→ Company size: 1

Story Specialist / Rémy van den Wijngaart
Narrative designer

→ Company size: 1

Associated Games: Mystery Match, Booty Quest, Alien Creeps TD