Dutch Game Industry Directory

Pelican Party Studios
Game development studio

8D Games
Serious Games and gamification studio

Hypersome Games
Game development studio

Short Legs Art
Freelance Concept Artist & 2D Artist

Buckethead Entertainment
Game development studio

Game development studio

Pillow's Willow VR-Studios (Closed)
VR game development studio

VR/AR Studio

The Sphere of Sound
Immersive Audio Production Studio

CurvePoint Studios
Animation studio

Lion Castle BV
Game publisher

Critical Bit
Game development studio

Knucklehead Studios
VR Game Development Studio

Better Than Life
Immersive Studio

ShadowBrain Games
Virtual reality game developer

VR development studio

Enversed Studios
Virtual Reality development studio

StickyLock Games
Indie game development studio, publisher

Force Field Entertainment
Game development studio

Wolfdog Interactive (Closed)
(VR) Game development studio

Luc Versleijen
Freelance 3D Designer & Animator

STARK Learning
Serious Game and VR Developer

Edward Ray - Composer and Sound Designer
Music Composition and Sound Design

Phure Studios
Games Development Studio

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