Dutch Game Industry Directory

Space Cats Tactics
A tactical turn-based space game by Mitzi Games

Last release: Mar 2nd, 2022
Platform: Desktop

Greep op Griep (Flu Fighters)
An outbreak management simulation game by Grumpy Owl Games

Last release: Aug 1st, 2019
Platform: Desktop

Pro Actief
A serious game to enhance teamcohesion by Amsterdam Game Lab

Last release: Nov 11th, 2019
Platforms: Desktop, Web

Rabo PinPin
An augmented reality app by &ranj

Last release: Oct 12th, 2017
Platform: Mobile

Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game
An a storydriven time-management game by Blue Giraffe Games

Last release: Nov 14th, 2018
Platform: Mobile

Gym Tycoon
A business simulation game by Green Forest Games

Last release: Nov 23rd, 2020
Platform: Desktop

Republic of Sheba
A simulation game by Radical Graphics Studios

Last release: Aug 23rd, 2018
Platform: Mobile

Horse Reality
A realistic horse management game by Deloryan

Last release: Oct 1st, 2018
Platform: Web

Traffic Jams
An outrageous traffic controller game by Little Chicken Game Company

Last release: Apr 8th, 2021
Platform: VR or AR

Online Soccer Manager
A football manager by Gamebasics

Last release: Feb 1st, 2004
Platforms: Web, Mobile

Dice Hospital
A hospital simulation digital board game by Grumpy Owl Games

Last release: Dec 15th, 2020
Platform: Mobile

A god game by Abbey Games

Last release: Jul 10th, 2019
Platform: Desktop

A turn-based strategy game by Gobbledygook Games

Last release: Mar 1st, 2022
Platform: Desktop

A fantasy shopkeeping game by Sassybot

Last release: Feb 19th, 2019
Platform: Desktop

Stable Orbit
A space station management simulation game by Codalyn

Last release: Sep 27th, 2017
Platform: Desktop

Crap! I'm Broke: Out of Pocket
A life management game by Arcane Circus

Last release: Oct 11th, 2016
Platform: Mobile

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