Dutch Game Industry Directory

Rooibos Games
Unreal C++ Consultant

Game design studio

Richie de Wit
Business development consultant

Double Ntertainment (Closed)
Game developer and consultant

Procedural design
Game Art (Textures/Materials)

Game Taste
Indie Game Marketing & PR Service

Aryeh Loeb, Loebzuiver
Studio Manager, Program Manager

Ludens Labs
Data consultant and toolbuilder

Real-time VFX Studio

Game Architect Studio
Game design, consultancy and playtesting.

Representing Games
Connecting Game Studios & Publishers

8D Games
Serious Games and gamification studio

Ferran Bertomeu Castells (Closed)
Game designer & developer

Martijn van Zwieten
Business Coach and Consultant

VR development studio

Ellis in Wonderland
Game design consultant

Target Gamers BV
Boutique advisory

Eva regelt (Closed)
Freelance game producer

Zo-ii (Zuraida Buter)
Playful Culture & Games Curator

Käy Vriend
Game Artist/Consultant/Coach

Vincent van Geel
Game Producer & Creative Director

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