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Tweetal Studios
Game development studio

Rengin Tumer - Illustration & Concept Design
game artist and visual developer

Natalia Patkiewicz
Game artist

Associated Games: Snarkhunter

Peter Klijn Art
Game Artist

Spreadable Fruit Games
Game development studio

Games: Warmth, S.U.B.

Artking studio
Quality outsourced art studio

Associated Games: Tomb Raider, Champions of Anteria, Hard West, Transport fever, Diluvion, Wind Tales, Milanoir, +6 more

Game development studio

Game artist

A Bunch of Hacks
Game development cooperative

Ronimo Games
Game development studio

Games and Associated Games: Swords & Soldiers 2, Awesomenauts, Swords & Soldiers, De Blob, De Blob 2