Der Grosse Gottlieb
Handpainted VR diorama

This diorama places the visitor on the tower of chairs of the greatest acrobat that ever lived: Der Grosse Gottlieb. Gottlieb built his tower of chairs to reach the stars and try to leave his his aching heart behind. The story of Der Grosse Gottlieb is told through interactive elements in the scene. For example, looking at the stars above you will spawn stars above your head in the corner of your eyes. The visitor will be invited to reach out and grab the stars. Ofcourse the visitor and Gottlieb won't succeed. A Microphone can be used to emphasize the height of the tower. The live audiostream of the microphone can only be heard when the visitor is looking down, if the visitor looks up he will hear the audiostream fade out until the only sound he'll hear is the twinkling of the stars.

Developer:The Shoebox Diorama
Trailer:link (youtube)
Release date:
Platforms:VR or AR
Keywords:Rift, Grosse Gottlieb, The Shoebox Diorama, Diorama, Installation

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The Shoebox Diorama
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