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Blocked In
Handpainted VR diorama

Blocked In was the first diorama released in October 2013 and offered a place in which the visitor could experience an immersive room and the surreal sight of Tetris blocks falling from the sky. It also coined the term diorama for these kind of experiences. The room you can visit was handpainted on top of 3D geometry. Every inch of the room is unique, every scratch on the table top, every letter of the handwritten message, every pixel of a tetris block. The little details in the room are narrative hooks to make the visitor puzzle together a story.

Developer:The Shoebox Diorama
Trailer:link (youtube)
Releases:Oct 1st, 2013 - Game release
Platforms:VR or AR
Keywords:Rift, Blocked In, The Shoebox Diorama, Diorama

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The Shoebox Diorama
Experimental VR Developer