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Educational game

KlankKr8 is the game for preschoolers who are preparing to read, beginning readers, newcomers, and children who could use some extra support with reading. Clicking through a cosmos of letters and sounds, and a maze of constellations full of challenges, children train in a fun way the 45 sound-symbol correspondences of Dutch language. By learning these correspondences well, the step towards fluent reading becomes possible.

The strength of the KlankKr8 app lies in:
Engaging: The game is designed to hold the child's attention and make them want to play the game again and again.
Adaptive: The game tracks the child's performance and automatically adjusts to address any difficulties. This keeps children motivated to play.
Innovative: To enhance the learning effect, the game uses advanced techniques to visually represent sound characteristics.
Scientifically supported: The app is the result of ten years of research into teaching reading through letters and the use of games.
Accessible: The app is easy to play on most phones and tablets.

Developer:Game Tailors
Trailer:link (youtube)
Releases:Apr 4th, 2023 - Game release
Platforms:Desktop, Web, Mobile
Keywords:serious, applied, educational, singleplayer, health, exploration, 2d, puzzle, narrative, unity

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