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Dyslexia awareness adventure game

With our game, children aged 7 and above who are undergoing treatment for dyslexia can learn about what dyslexia means for them. The game provides tools to overcome obstacles in life and helps children realize that they are intelligent and possess other qualities, even with dyslexia.

Children are taken to a unique alternate world, guided by two Elders who also have dyslexia. The goal is to defeat the reading spirit and thus gain the right knowledge about dyslexia.

Our game is not only educational but also enjoyable for children, while parents and caregivers can rest assured knowing that their children are learning how to cope with dyslexia and better prepare for the future. Let your children begin their adventure, help the reading spirit understand, and accomplish their mission!

Developer:Game Tailors
Releases:Jul 2nd, 2023 - Game release
Keywords:Groeikr8, spel, kinderen, dyslexie, behandeling, obstakels, inzicht, kwaliteiten, alternatieve wereld, begeleiding, Elders, leesgeest, kennis, leerzaam, behandelaren, voorbereiding, avontuur, leesgeest inzien, missie, game tailors, serious game

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