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Access the Dutch games industry and take your company to the next level! INDIGO is back with fully on-site event for the first time in three years at the beautiful Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht. Find inspiration at INDIGO Talks, build new connections at INDIGO MeetToMatch, and discover the best new games at the legendary INDIGO Discover Showcase.

On Wednesday, June 21st the Dutch games industry gathers at the fourteenth edition of INDIGO. It is the first time in three years that INDIGO is hosting all tracks, including the Discover Showcase, on-site again.

Program (09:00 – 18:00)

- INDIGO Talks: 3 conference tracks covering game business, development, serious games topics
and more!
- INDIGO MeetToMatch: build relations with publishers, investors, press, partners and service
providers through a premium matchmaking platform.
- INDIGO Discover Showcase: the legendary INDIGO Arcade Cabinets are back, bringing you 20+
of the best new games from The Netherlands and beyond!

More info
Stay tuned for ticket sales! Check out indigoshowcase.nl for more info and subscribe to the INDIGO Newsletter to be the first to know when ticket sales start.


Date:June 21st (Wednesday), 2023
Address:Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht, Winthontlaan 4, 3526 KV, Utrecht

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