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Hey Rami,

February was a good month for the Dutch game industry, with a solid release of [game X] and a great turnout for [event Y]. Make sure to submit your games to [award show Z] before the deadline next week!

Games released in February:

Horizon Zero Dawn
An action role playing game by Guerrilla

Release date: Feb 28th, 2017
Platform: Console
Trailer: link

A roguelite action rpg by Ludomotion

Release date: Feb 22nd, 2017
Platforms: Desktop, Console
Trailer: link

Hidden Folks
A black and white searching game by Adriaan de Jongh

Release date: Feb 15th, 2017
Platforms: Desktop, Console, Mobile
Trailer: link

Games expected to release this month:

A card battle game by Paladin Studios

Release date: Jun 15th, 2017
Platforms: Desktop, Mobile
Trailer: link

Beat Street
A 90s inspired brawler game for mobile by Lucky Kat

Release date: Nov 16th, 2017
Platform: Mobile
Trailer: link

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