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The unique id of the event, to be used in links and such. To make sure it is unique, perhaps include the date or edition number in the id. Alphanumeric characters and hyphens (-) only; no spaces or special characters.
Examples: control-conference-2019 or deadline-digitale-cultuur-08-05-2019

The event's name. If the event is a deadline, start with 'Deadline:' for clarity.
Examples: Control Conference or Deadline: Digitale Cultuur Subsidieaanvraag

A short description of the event.
Example: An event for game designers in the Netherlands to playtest each other's games in progress.

The URL where people can get more info or register for the event.

The date on which the event starts.

The date on which the event ends. Can be the same as the start date.

The time at which the event starts in a 24h format. If you enter a start time, you also have to enter an end time for it to show up in the calendar.
Examples: 8:00 or 15:00

The time at which the event ends in a 24h format.
Examples: 9:00 or 16:00

The physical address of the event if applicable.
Example: Team Reptile, Noorderweg 96c, 1221 AB Hilversum.

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