To keep this directory relevant and useful to the Dutch video game industry, suggested additions are looked at by a moderator before they are added.

Companies must be:
  • focused primarily on: creating games, or publishing games, or creating game-specific assets, or supplying game-specific services
  • incorporated (Eenmanszaak, V.O.F., or B.V.)
  • located in the Netherlands
Games must be:
  • made primarily in the Netherlands
  • commercial
  • released, have a release date, or be certain to release in the near future
Companies that will not be accepted are:
  • gambling and 'gaming' companies
  • schools, universities, and student teams
  • board game companies
  • co-working spaces
  • hobbyist game developers
  • journalists
Games that will not be accepted are:
  • non-commercial, such as game jam games
  • gambling games
  • student games
  • board games

Understanding the policies above, you can add a new company or add a new game.

To suggest changes to an existing game or company, navigate to the page of that game or company to find the 'suggest a change' link at the bottom of that page.

If you are unsure about whether your company or game would be accepted with the policies above, look in the directory for similar companies or games, or email: