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Unreal Engine Get Together

It’s been almost three months since our last get together, so on behalf of Galaxy Grove I am very pleased to invite the second Unreal Engine Get-Together of this year.

The event will take place at the Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht on Wednesday May 15th 2024. We will start at 19:00 and end at around 21:00. You are welcome to walk in from 18:00 onwards and stay for a drink after.

Drinks, including soft drinks and some snacks will be provided.

Our first speaker is Joost van Dongen (Galaxy Grove). He will explain how to analyse performance in Unreal Engine.

Our second speaker is to be announced at a later time.

If you are interested in sharing some of your work at an upcoming event, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope to see you there!


Date:May 15th (Wednesday), 2024
Time:18:30–22:00 (3 hours and 30 minutes)
Address:Europalaan 400-1, Utrecht

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