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GameDevCafe - Work for Hire

How do you acquire new projects, funding and players in and out of the video game industry? Ellis Bartholomeus and Michiel Sala have learned the ropes in the last two decennia. They will discuss the ups and downs of working with clients, stakeholders and end-users. Or in Michiel’s words: developing stuff for 100 euros an hour is the worst way to build a sustainable business.

Why do money-makers develop nothing, and why don’t developers make money? That’s the discussion for tonight. 

GameDevCafé is a monthly gathering of game professionals in Utrecht. Share, care and play (each others’) games in an informal friendly setting.

Wednesday, February 1st. 2023
Café Fokus - Koekoekstraat 25 - Utrecht


18:00 Walk in – Grab a bite (bring your own)
19:00 Bar Talk with Ellis Bartholomeus and Michiel Sala
19:25 Refreshments
19:30 Q&A – ask the speaker anything!
19:45 Informal mixer. Bring your own game and playtest!
23:00 End of event.

See you there, don’t forget to bring your friends!


Date:February 1st (Wednesday), 2023
Time:18:00–23:00 (5 hours)

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