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GameDevCafé - Audio & Business Design for Dementia

How do you design audio for an interactive table, intended for people suffering from dementia, in an semi-public area? Michel Rumpff and Sjoerd Wennekes reflect on the development process of Tover. Which challenges did they have to overcome, both audio-design-wise, as business wise.

18:00 Walk in – Grab a bite (bring your own)
19:00 Interview with Michel and Sjoered
19:25 Refreshments
19:30 Q&A
20:00 Playtest each other’s game (bring your own project!)
23:00 End of event.

There is a television screen and a projector on a first come first serve basis.


Date:December 6th (Wednesday), 2023
Time:18:00–23:00 (5 hours)
Address:Café Fokus Koekoekstraat 25 Utrecht, the Netherlands

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